In attending this yoga class you understand that

  • there is a risk of injury associated with yoga as with any physical activity in pregnancy.
  • you are fully responsible for the outcome of your yoga practice and participation in this class.
  • if you move with care, intelligence, safety and self-awareness, injury is unlikely. Should injury occur or complications arise, Mothering Touch, all teachers, substitutes, employees, and affiliates are absolved of all responsibility.
  • you should report any problems with your pregnancy to your physician/midwife.
  • you will keep your yoga teacher informed with any changes in your pregnancy or physical health.
  • You acknowledge that in-person classes involve risk of injury or sickness, including sickness from COVID-19 and similar viruses.
  • You agree to waive and hold your yoga teacher and Mothering Touch harmless from and against any claims, damages or expenses arising from participation in the in-person yoga class, including but not limited to sickness or death arising from COVID-19 or similar viruses.


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