In Victoria, under BC’s Medical Services Plan, you can choose either a Registered Midwife or a Family Physician to be your primary care provider during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period.

Both midwives and doctors have training and expertise in managing normal, healthy pregnancies, births and newborn care.  If you experience a high risk pregnancy (e.g. multiple gestation pregnancy, pre-existing diabetes, history of obstetrical problems, among others), your primary care provider may consult or share care with an obstetrician.  In addition, should the need arise, both family physicians and registered midwives also refer to other specialties, such as pediatricians.

There are many factors which may influence whether you choose to see a registered midwife or a family physician for your pregnancy and postnatal care – it is important that you feel comfortable with them, as they will be assisting you and your baby through your pregnancy and the six weeks thereafter.  Both are licensed professionals, and can deliver in hospital.  Registered midwives can also offer you the option of home delivery and provide pre and post natal visits at your home.  Whether you choose a midwife or doctor as your primary caregiver during your pregnancy and birth, you will still visit your family physician for non-obstetrical medical conditions.  Six weeks postpartum, your caregiver will transfer your care back to your regular family physician, if you have one.

Midwives in Victoria

  • Visit this website to find a registered midwife who provides maternity care in your area (GVRD & Southern Gulf Islands).

Midwives Association of British Columbia

  • Learn about midwifery, and find a midwife in your area (all of BC).

The Victoria Medical Society

  • Visit this website to find a family physician who provides maternity care in your area.
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