BC Council for Families

  • “Fathers are an important part of their children’s life and their development. Studies have shown the positive impacts involved fathers have on children, and attitudes towards fathering are shifting.”

Dads Adventure

  • Becoming the best dad you can imagine. Advice from the Real Experts – Over 350,000 Fathers.

Dad Central Ontario

  • “Committed to strong, healthy children by affirming and valuing the bond between fathers and their children, Dad Central Ontario (formerly the Father Involvement Initiative – Ontario Network) works to provide relevant and well-crafted information for fathers and for individuals, agencies, and programs working with fathers.”

MrDad.com – Armin Brott

  • “Hailed by Time Magazine as “the superdad’s superdad,” Armin Brott is a pioneer in the field of fatherhood and has been building better fathers for more than a decade. As the author of eight bestselling books on fatherhood, he’s helped millions of men around the world become the fathers they want to be—and that their children need them to be.”

New Dad Manual – 24-Hour crib-Side Assistance

  • “This is a guy’s site – developed by fathers for fathers. We’ve been in your shoes. We all remember what it was like to be a new dad – overwhelming, confusing, intimidating, tiring, but also amazing and just really cool. We want to help you get to the cool part by answering your basic questions about babies, new moms and new dads.”

Books for Fathers

  • The Expectant Father, the Ultimate Guide for Dads-To-Be, by Armin Brott & Jennifer Ash
  • The New Father, A Dad’s Guide to the First Year, by Armin Brott
  • Be Prepared, A Practical Handbook for New Dads, by Gary Greenberg & Jeannie Hayden
  • Father’s First Steps, 25 Things Every New Dad Should Know, by Robert & James Sears

The two first books by Armin Brott are quite good guides for new and expectant fathers. The third book is a shorter, practical version, but still quite good and humorous as well. The last, short book is a compilation of 25 good tips for new fathers. NB: all these books are published in the United States, as are most of the available books on fatherhood (and there are not that many, as the field is only emerging). Therefore, some things in these books do not necessarily apply to the cultural and social context of Canada.

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