Twins and Multiple Births – Cooper


Having more than one baby at once can test the endurance of even the most calm and experienced parent. This inspiring and enlightening guide will be welcomed by all parents of ‘more than one at once’ who find that the standard baby and childcare guides fall a little short of their special needs.

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This book offers first-hand profesional, practical and emotional advice to help parents cope with the development and rearing of twins from conception to adulthood. The early chapters are devoted to pregnancy, birth, what to expect and how the process differs from single births. Later chapters ofer information on feeding, managing, schooling, adolescence and other issues. Particular emphasis is placed on the relationship between twins as individuals as they grow up, their relationships with others both inside and outside the family, and sibling rivalry. Dr Cooper offers insight into how it feels to be a twin, and emphasizes the importance of allowing individuality and independence to develop from an early age.

Essential and often amusing read for every parent or expectant parent of twins or more.

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