Jojoco Earhart 200wt


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Our Organic caps are handstretched at certain points, while sewn, for a perfect windproof fit. Our 100 weight & 200 polartec caps are handstretched with matching organic rib, so they become windproof too. That really makes a difference. Our company handstretches every cap. That is hand-made. With our method, each size is shaped like the baby’s head. (Sizes were prototyped and adjusted for two years in my own childrens store with many many babies heads!) After being sewn, the earhart cap will not lay flat! And that is why parents come back for the next size.

Each cap is hand-stretched at certain comfort spots, then sewn, and then it fits properly. This cannot be done in a manufacturing scenario. We tried twice and did not use a single manufactured cap. I did not tell my husband. A squarish look means it is assembly line made and you will have gaps and the wind will come through.


Beet, Deep Teal, Fuscia, Happy Camper, Lavender


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