How was I Born?


Ever since the publication of the magnificent third edition of A Child Is Born, Lennart Nilsson has devoted himself to retelling this magical story especially for children. How Was I Born? closely follows the experience of Mary who is nearly five and her family as they lovingly prepare to welcome a new baby. The book matches Mary’s insatiable curiosity, impatience, and concern with gentle, reassuring information.

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Nilsson’s spectacular photographs illustrate Mary’s actual questions: when she wonders how big the baby is, one photo shows an ant on her brother’s fingertip, opposite the exact image of her future sibling at that time. When she asks how the baby eats, the reader sees her drinking through a straw as the baby-to-be feeds through the umbilical cord. Meant to be read by a child alone or with a parent, How Was I Born? answers all the questions children ask about pregnancy and childbirth–the biological as well as the emotional ones. Perfect for children aged five and up, it is also a wonderful book of all ages.

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