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Is your tot between 8 months and 5 years of age? Now, you can build your toddler’s patience and stop most tantrums before they begin!

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The Happiest Toddler DVD is the key to mastering these silly – but super-effective – techniques. Then The Happiest Toddler book adds TONS more unique tips to boost cooperation, curb annoying habits and soothe stormy outbursts…fast!

“You want help? This is r-e-a-l help! The Happiest Toddler is one of the smartest parenting ideas of the past decade!” Kyle Pruett, MD, Professor, Yale University School of Medicine

“In addition to some ground-breaking techniques this book is a thorough overview of the mind of a toddler and covers so many common problems. Read it, then read it again. Keep it by the bed side, every time you pick it up you get a good idea.” By T. Doucette