Happiest Baby On The Block – DVD


Magic? A miracle? No, it’s a reflex!

The Happiest Baby DVD is the most watched parenting DVD in history! You’ll be able to soothe most of your baby’s cries in seconds…plus add 1-3 hours to your tot’s sleep!

Like learning to tie shoelaces, parents master these fun tips best by watching.

Then, after you get good at switching-on your baby’s amazing calming reflex, you can learn lots more super-practical tips in the best-selling Happiest Baby book.

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“I have an 11 week old baby. We’ve had The Happiest Baby DVD for over a month now it is has saved our lives! I had about 4-5 people recommend this DVD and as soon as we watched it, it worked on our son! Every pediatrician should teach new parents this method.” By C. Vanasselt

“My husband says that this product was a lifesaver for him. There is a section on how to swaddle your newborn up tight and make them feel very safe, which in turn helps them to not cry so much. He used this technique a lot at bedtime. We liked this video so much that we bought four more for the future as baby shower presents!” By H. Campbell