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Help your children understand what time it is with the Groclock sleep trainer for toddlers. How do you get your children to understand when it’s time to get up? SIMPLE “stay in bed until you see the sun!”

The Groclock comes in two different designs, the original Groclock uses fun images of the stars and sun to communicate when it is time to go back to sleep and when it’s time to spring out of bed. The Ollie the Owl Groclock is a new twist on the award winning Groclock and a new addition to Ollie’s family. The Ollie the Owl Groclock counts down the stars until the screen turns yellow.

Both Groclocks includes a feature allowing parents to choose whether or not to display the digital clock. So for older children, they can now start to learn digital time, as well as look for the arrival of the sun!

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Are 5 am wake up calls part of the routine in your house? The Groclock uses fun images of the stars and sun to help your little ones learn when it’s time to rise and shine and when it’s time to go back to sleep! Throughout the night the Groclock will show its moon screen and the stars will countdown to the time you have set for the sun to come up.

“No more getting up at 5am!”. The Groclock also comes with a beautifully illustrated book called ‘Sleepy Farm’ which helps encourage children to stay in bed longer, which means more sleep for them and more sleep for you! It is this combination of the simple glowing images and the bedtime story book which has already made the Groclock a phenomenal success for hundreds of toddlers.

Praise and reward is a crucial part of any bedtime routine, so we have created this reward chart which you can download and use every time your little dreamer waits for the smiley sun to appear.