Felicity Prefold – Better than Organic Diaper


An economical, highly absorbent, trim fitting diaper
100% Cotton / Chlorine Free
Holds up to 25x its weight in fluids. Wash in in HOT water 4x before use. Do not bleach

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A long lasting diaper service quality prefold. Made to last through multiple children. These are top of the line prefold diapers, unlike anything you will find on the shelves of department stores.

These diapers are under Oeko-tex 100 certification and are Better Than Organic. They have no harmful chemical residues in the finished product. This means no chemicals are added throughout the entire manufacturing process! Even organic fibers can be treated with chemicals throughout the manufacturing process, oeko-tex standards include testing of finished products to ensure no harmful contaminants are found in the finished product.

These diapers are double woven for durability. They take 4-5 washes to quilt up completely and be ready for use.




Infant (8-16 lbs), Medium (15-30lbs )

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