Everything you need to know to have a healthy twin pregnancy – Leiter


Twins…triplets…quads…finally! The book that answers all your questions about multiple birth–written by a doctor who is a mother of twins herself

Over ten years ago when Dr. Gila Leiter, herself an OB/GYN,was pregnant with twins, the book she desperately needed wasn’t available. Now it is: Everything You Need to Know to Have a Healthy Twin Pregnancy.

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Taking you step-by-step through the processes of pregnancy and birth, Dr. Leiter shares her professional and personal expertise, providing answers to all your questions, plus practical know-how, psychological support, and extensive resources for this most joyous–and overwhelming–experience, whether you’re having two babies…or four! Learn:

The latest in fertility treatments and reproductive technology,and the probable outcome
What to expect, trimester by trimester
Concrete suggestions for working through your hopes, fears, and fantasies
Who should seek genetic counseling
How to avoid preterm labor and premature delivery–and what to do if it’s unavoidable
Recommended vitamins and minerals–plus do’s and don’ts
All about medications: what you can take, can’t take, must take
What you should know if you’re going to have a C-section
Specific ideas for nurturing yourself and reducing stress
The birthing process and what to expect in the delivery room
Twelve questions to ask the doctor you’re considering choosing for your pediatrician
What it’s like to bring babies home–and what you’ll needto manage your new family
And much more