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Babies need and love to be held. It calms and soothes them, promoting health and development. There is a better way of carrying your baby than using a conventional baby carrier. The CuddlyWrap™ from Peapod Creations is a hands free way to hug your baby close so they feel safe and secure.

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No bulky fabric between you and your baby, helping you to be more aware of your baby’s needs and cues.

Distributes baby’s weight over your entire upper body.

Everyone can carry without stress or strain.There are no seams, straps, snaps, or buckles to adjust, break, or lose.

Wraps you and your baby together in a soft, secure fabric. The strength is in the fabric and the security is in the way the CuddlyWrap™ is tied. Hands free movement helps with day to day activities.

You can feed your baby without removing the CuddlyWrap™. Even when your baby is removed, you can continue wearing it until the next time it’s needed; it wears like a piece of clothing.

All our products are made in Canada from importing the organic cotton yarn, to knitting and dyeing the fabric with eco-friendly dyes, to the manufacture of the CuddlyWrap. Even our labels and packaging are made locally.


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