Bamboo Disposable Nursing pads


The Baby Works™ Bamboo Disposable Nursing Pads feature a premium pad made of viscose from bamboo which is soft & gentle on the most sensitive skin. These pads are ultra thin for a more discreet fit and are individually wrapped for added convenience. The adhesive tabs keep it securely in place while the ultra-absorbent inner core and waterproof backing prevent embarrassing leaks!

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• Super soft viscose top layer is gentle on sensitive skin
• Absorbent inner core with waterproof backing
• Contoured & ultra thin for a more discreet fit
• Individually wrapped
• Ideal and convenient for use at home or while on-the-go!
• top layer: bamboo viscose non-woven (35gsm)
2nd layer: tissue paper
3rd layer: cellulose fluff + SAP
4th layer: tissue paper
5th layer: Waterproof layer (non-woven + PE film)