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Everyone knows how much babies adore playing with paper and “reading” books using all their senses. Baby Paper captivates babies with bright colors, visually engaging patterns, and that crinkly inner layer that sounds like paper being crumbled. What could possibly be more appealing to the senses than that? Baby Paper Book.

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Baby Paper Book is a sensory feast of vibrant rainbow colors and soft crinkly flannel. Lightweight and small enough for tiny hands. That and so much more. The thoughtfully designed graphics illustrate the meaning of alike and different. Babies see circles, lines, and squares. All in multiple, different ways.

All the colors of the rainbow are present in this baby crinkle paper book toy. The opportunities to observe and discover all these similarities and differences make Baby Paper Book a treasure trove of information to be gathered and processed over time. Each “re-reading” will become an act of discovery that fosters cognitive and fine motor development. While sharing Baby Paper Book with an adult, babies develops social skills. And also learns language that describes what she is learning experientially. Machine washable. Easily tucks inside diaper bag or purse. Baby Paper Book is a must have for on-the-go babies.

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