Baby-Led Breastfeeding -DVD


In Baby-Led Breastfeeding, we see mothers learning to breastfeed naturally−by letting their babies show them how. Like kittens and puppies, human babies are already hardwired to seek out and find the breast. In this video we see just how babies can do it−when we get out of the babies’ way. We also see Kittie Frantz, RN, CPNP-PC, who now uses this same approach in the first designated USA Baby Friendly hospital to have trained the entire staff to let baby lead the attachment. LAC/USC Medical Center nurses love using Baby-led breastfeeding as it saves them so much time..

“We don’t have to make our babies learn to feed−we just allow them to follow their instincts to learn.”

Approximately 16 minutes in length, plus over an hour of bonus footage!

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