We believe strongly in pregnant people’s ability to give birth and in their need for well-prepared support for the whole family during the prenatal period, labour, the postpartum period and breastfeeding. Our Prenatal Classes – Childbirth Preparation and Parenting the Newborn – work towards those goals.

We aim to be sensitive and respectful, flexible and imaginative in helping our clients find their own way on the journey to life as a family.  Our clients have doctors or midwives, are planning to birth at home or in hospital. Our clients have in common a need and a desire for evidence-based information. We are committed to providing classes which respect the diversity of the families who make up our community.

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Please Note: We offer most prenatal classes in-person, but some online. Please take careful note of which format you are registering for!

Prenatal Classes are fun!

Before Baby

These classes are meant to be taken before your baby is born…

Before OR After Baby

These classes can be taken before or after your baby arrives…

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