A Wishlist is for your own private daydreaming – keep track of products or classes that you think you might like to purchase some day… A Gift Registry is a favour you are doing to your friends and family. Let them know what you need (and what you want) for your pregnancy and your new baby. But really, it’s just a Wishlist that you share with the people who love you.

To create a Gift Registry or a Wishlist, you must register as a customer and create an account. Then, name your List and decide if you want to make it Private (just for daydreaming or late-night shopping), Shared (you send the link to your nearest and dearest) or Public (anyone can look up your name on this website and find your list.)

Once you’ve done all that, go forth and shop!! Click on that darling little Gift Icon and the item will be added to your list. Enjoy!!

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