Postnatal Yoga Training – for yoga teachers, doulas, and others


Mom and Baby YogaThis Postnatal Yoga Training is intended for all those with an interest in movement and well being, as well as for those who want to support parents and babies through a fundamental, life enhancing practice. If you are a Yoga Teacher, Pre-Postnatal Yoga Teacher, Doula, Childbirth Educator, Mother, Person who loves Yoga, Person who cares for babies or supports those who do... This course is for you. 

We will be looking at 

  • The Postpartum Body
  • The needs of that time after birth and the first few years
  • Which parts of the body are especially taxed thru young infant care and family routine
  • How to practice yoga as a new parent
  • How to practice with an infant
  • Baby Yoga, poses that are beneficial to the infant 
  • Poses for digestive relief, calming, soothing and stimulating sequences
  • Gentle baby massage and stretches 

Included will be supportive meditations and breathing techniques to calm, and centre and feel grounded. 

Requirements for Certificate of Completion: 

If you are a trained and certified yoga teacher, and would like to receive a certificate in Postnatal Yoga Teaching, you are required to shadow two postnatal classes at Mothering Touch, between the 14th and the 28th of September.

If you are a doula, childbirth educator or parent, who is taking this course for personal interest, you will be given various options on home or studio work to complete between the second and third session. 

Ann-Kathrin Martins is a yoga therapist with 15 years of experience as a pre- and postnatal yoga teacher. Her  greatest Joy is to teach and share ways to make yoga easier and more accessible to everyone interested, and help others to pass on the gift and knowledge of this wonderful science.

Registration Information:

Yoga Teacher Trainer:  Ann-Kathin Martins, Yoga Therapist

Schedule - This is a three session workshop: 

Friday November 15, from 6-9:00pm

Saturday November 16, from 6-9:00pm

Friday November 29, from 6-9:00pm 

Location:  The Mothering Touch Centre

Cost:  $250 +GST

Register online here.