Becoming A Doula

Doula's hands

"The mother's wishes guide my care. I work as part of the team made up of her loved ones, her nurse, doctor or midwife." ~ Eva Bild

A doula accompanies pregnant people and their partners, friends and family during labour to facilitate a satisfying birth experience.

Having a doula at a birth is a very old idea.  Long before there were midwives or doctors to deliver babies, there were knowledgeable, compassionate, friendly women who were there to keep the labouring mother happy and comfortable.  This might have been old aunt Esther who made wonderful soup and knew how to swaddle babies up just so, or young cousin Sarah who had not had babies yet but had wonderful hands for rubbing sore backs.

When the birthing of babies in North America moved to the hospital, and skilled professionals became widely available to deliver babies safely, the idea of a non-medical comforting presence was forgotten.  As extended families scattered, urban communities became more anonymous, hospitals became bigger, and nurses became busier, the doula made a come-back.

Here at The Mothering Touch Centre, most of our staff are doulas or doulas-in-training and we'd love to help you become a doula too!   We offer DONA-approved Doula Workshops, information and support right here in Victoria.   

Continuing Education Coming Up…

Join us on November 13, 2017 for the first Spinning Babies Workshop ever to be taught on Vancouver Island!

More information coming soon - watch this space!

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