Doula Training at Mothering Touch

Doula Training at Mothering Touch

Doula Training at Mothering Touch is warm, evidence-based, interactive and approved by DONA International. Eva Bild AdvCD(DONA), BDT(DONA), LCCE has been training doulas in Victoria since 2005.

A doula accompanies pregnant people and their partners, friends and family during labour to facilitate a satisfying birth experience.

Having a doula at a birth is a very old idea.  Long before there were midwives or doctors to deliver babies, there were knowledgeable, compassionate, friendly women who were there to keep the labouring mother happy and comfortable.  This might have been old aunt Esther who made wonderful soup and knew how to swaddle babies up just so. Or it might be young cousin Sarah who had not had babies yet but had wonderful hands for rubbing sore backs.

When the birthing of babies in North America moved to the hospital, and skilled professionals became widely available to deliver babies safely, the idea of a non-medical comforting presence was forgotten.  As extended families scattered, urban communities became more anonymous, hospitals became bigger, and nurses became busier, the doula made a come-back.

Here at The Mothering Touch Centre, most of our staff are doulas or doulas-in-training and we'd love to help you become a doula too!   We offer DONA-approved Doula Workshops, information and support right here in Victoria.

Why choose a DONA International Doula Training Workshop?

DONA International is the oldest and largest doula training and certifying organization in the world. DONA has set the standards for the doula profession since 1992. DONA-certified doulas in over 60 countries are recognized for their professionalism and evidence-based care. Taking a DONA International doula training allows a doula to certify and gain the credentials which give her professional credibility and the trust of clients and care-providers.

Continuing Education for Doulas - Sponsored by Doulas of Victoria

Rethinking Prenatals to Support Physiology & Promote Birth Ownership
A Live, Virtual, Advanced Doula Workshop with Adriana Lozada, AdvCD(DONA), CSP, CBP

Date: Saturday, March 20 - 9am - 5pm (Lunch from 12 - 2pm)

Platform: Zoom (You will be sent a link the week before the event)

  • Early-Bird Fee - Until March 7 - for Vancouver Island Doulas only - $150 (this reduced fee is sponsored by Doulas of Victoria)
  • After March 7 - for All Doulas, Everywhere! $175

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Birth is an internally-occurring, non-linear, physiological process, yet the current birth language, model, and culture -with an emphasis on measuring, delineating and rigorous observation– ignore these facts. Let’s explore a new educational model for prenatal visits that provides a framework strong enough to stand up to the existing medical model.
Not only does this new model support birth physiology, but it can help dismantle learned compliance, promote self-efficacy and birth ownership. We’ll discuss case studies and role play pivotal moments where circumstances are primed to derail physiology.

1. Describe the 4 entwined aspects of physiological birth presented within this model.
2. Describe ways in which clients can begin to support these 4 aspects during pregnancy, to later improve labor flow.
3. Describe ways in which clients can support these 4 aspects during labor, and your role as facilitator.
4. Reconsider the need for demarcation of a separate pushing state, learn how to convey evidence and physiology to help clients internalize this new concept, and discuss how this can be put into practice within the common hospital approach towards the pushing stage (whether it be directed or not).
5. Name 4 pivotal-moments during the birthing process that may require increased physiologic support, and ways in which to navigate them.
6. Explore birth scenarios where interventions may be suggested or required (prodromal, PROM, inductions, epidurals, GBS+), focusing on how to best support physiology, within the boundaries imposed by the interventions.
7. Discuss ways in which this new birth model promotes birth ownership, and increases birthing confidence.

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