Doula Training at Mothering Touch is lively, supportive, evidence-based and interactive. Our workshops are led by experienced instructors and are approved by DONA International.

Click on the links below to learn about the different workshops we offer.

DONA-Approved Birth Doula Workshop

A birth doula accompanies pregnant people and their partners, friends and family during labour to facilitate a satisfying birth experience.

DONA-Approved Postpartum Doula Workshop

A postpartum doula helps parents transition into their new roles in the early days and weeks after a baby is born.

Why choose a DONA International Doula Training Workshop?

DONA International is the oldest and largest doula training and certifying organization in the world. DONA has set the standards for the doula profession since 1992. DONA-certified doulas in over 60 countries are recognized for their professionalism and evidence-based care. Taking a DONA International doula training allows doulas to pursue DONA certification credentials which give them professional credibility and the trust of clients and care-providers.

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