Sleep Consulting

"In my work with new parents, I meet many families who are at their wits-end about sleep issues.  In response to their need and their requests, I offer sleep consulting.  My goal is to help the parents formulate a plan that will suit their values, their baby and their family.  In this work, I rely on my training and experience as an adult educator and breastfeeding counselor." - Eva Bild, Founder of The Mothering Touch Centre

I meet with the parents - without the baby present - and ask them about their beliefs about babies, their values about parenting and their understanding of sleep issues.  I listen to what they perceive the problems to be, what they need, what they want and how they would like to achieve it.  I make sure each parent gets to have a say and that they listen to each other.

Then, together, we formulate a plan; it might involve letting the baby cry a little, it always involves having one parent sit with the baby or visit the baby frequently and it never involves abandoning the baby to cry for long periods of time alone and unsupported.

When parents formulate a plan they can agree to and decide when to implement it, and are CONSISTENT about it, they are almost always successful within a week or two.

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One-Hour Sleep Consultation - no follow-up: $65
Sleep Consulting package: $250.  (Includes a one-hour initial consultation, a written sleep plan, phone and text support, and a one-hour follow-up meeting.)

Before booking an appointment please find a time when all adults who make decisions about the baby's sleep (this could mean one, or two, or several parents, a live-in nanny, a care-providing grandparent) can come to the appointment without the child. Please find care for your child for that hour so you can focus on the issues and get all your questions answered without interruption.

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