Breastmilk storage

The following guidelines are for parents needing to store the breast milk they have pumped.  Milk should be stored in small 30-40ml batches to reduce waste.

At Room Temperature, you can keep freshly expressed breast milk for 4-6 hours.

In The Refrigerator, you can keep freshly expressed breast milk for up to 8 days.

In The Freezer @ -20°C, you can keep freshly expressed breast milk for up to a year. Freeze milk in small batches (30ml or 1oz) to reduce waste. Bottles or special freezer bags can be used. Some parents find it convenient and economical to freeze milk in an ice- cube tray and then store the milk cubes in a press-to-seal freezer bag. Label milk with the date frozen. Use oldest milk first.

Thaw or Warm Milk by placing the bottle or bag in a container of warm water.  Shake before feeding to blend milk which may have separated during freezing.  Never microwave milk – it can create hot spots which can scald the baby.  Some babies are happy to drink cool milk too!

Thawed Milk… (even if thawed in the fridge) must be used within 24 hours and must not be refrozen.  Thawed milk brought to room temperature is safe for one feeding and the rest should be discarded.

Source: Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine Clinical Protocol #8

Questions?  Call or email us – we have trained breastfeeding educators on staff to help!



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