Our Lactation Educators provide prompt, individualized lactation support. We focus on practical solutions to infant feeding challenges.

With the support of their midwife, doctor, maternity nurses and public health nurses, most childbearing parents learn to feed their babies quite easily in the first few days after birth because the hormones their bodies are producing make them very ready to learn.  Challenges can arise though, and many people benefit from a little extra help and support.

At The Mothering Touch Centre, our trained Lactation Educators provide prompt individualized practical lactation support. We work on the way you hold and position your baby, and how to provide your own body with the support and comfort you need to be able to rest while you feed. We discuss infant reflexes, infant behaviour, infant sleep, and how that behaviour changes over the first few weeks and months. We provide lots of information about how lactation works, what you can expect in the next weeks, how to enhance your milk production, how to pump and store your milk, and how to feed your baby with a bottle if you need to do that.

You are welcome to bring your partner, or a friend or other family member to the appointment. This is often very helpful in the first weeks, when going out alone with your baby may seem overwhelming, and you may feel the need for your lactation support team to learn what you are learning about how to feed your baby.

When you come to your appointment, please bring:

  • A hungry baby (feed the baby 2 hours before the appointment, and then make the baby wait to feed again until you get here.)
  • A receiving blanket
  • An extra diaper or two
  • Any gadgets you are using to feed the baby – nipple shield, supplemental feeding tube, baby bottle (with some milk in it)
  • The baby’s weight history

During the COVID Pandemic – We are doing many of our consultations online, via Zoom. We find we can deal with many problems very effectively this way. Just book with us from the link below, and we will send you a link for our Zoom call.

In-person Consultations – We will do an in-person consultation when the situation seems to warrant it. We ask that you come to our Centre, that you wear a mask, clean you hands on arrival, and that you NOT come if you are feeling unwell.

Some parents need Lactation Support
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  • Initial Consult – 1 hour: $75 at the Mothering Touch Centre
  • Follow-up Appointment – 45 minutes: $50
  • After your first visit, phone consultations are free.

Consultation Cancellation Policy: Our on-line booking system requires 48-hours notice for cancellation. If you need to cancel or re-schedule with less than 48-hours notice, please phone us. We will be happy to help.

Our Lactation Educators Can…

help with…

  • latching the baby
  • correct positioning
  • engorgement
  • sore and cracked nipples
  • blocked ducts

provide information about…

  • infant cues and behaviour
  • frequency and duration of feeds
  • how to tell if baby is getting enough milk
  • expressing and storing milk

When lactation problems become complicated by medical issues, we refer the parent and baby to a health care provider.  We do not prescribe.

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