Mothering Touch’s Breastfeeding Gallery

Breastfeeding Photos Gallery - Mothering TouchMany of these breastfeeding photos were taken here at The Mothering Touch Centre by Al VanAkker. Others were contributed to our Flickr group.  These photos are free for you to use, for educational purposes, as long as you link back to our website.

As we searched for photographs of mothers breastfeeding their babies, to use in our talks and classes, we found it difficult to get clear, uncluttered photos of moms breastfeeding in various positions. So we decided to do something about it. We invited moms and babies from our community to come and have mini photos session and Al VanAkker, a lovely photographer, and dad, and breastfeeding advocate, donated his time to take some great shots!

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If you're having difficulties breastfeeding, click here to view the other breastfeeding services and resources The Mothering Touch Centre has to offer.


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  1. […] stumbled into this flickr pool of unusual and lovely breastfeeding photos from Mothering Touch Centre, and wanted to share them. After we finished tittering. I also wanted to provide you a public […]

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