While one of our missions at Mothering Touch is to connect parents with each other, we know that sometimes families need support that is focused on their particular needs. We offer consultations and treatments in various modalities and methods in our new, comfortable, private treatment rooms. Read more about all our practitioners.

Lactation Support

Some families need personalized support to meet the challenges of establishing breast/chestfeeding. We have three Lactation Educators on staff to help with positioning, latching, scheduling, pumping. We can see you in person, or over Zoom, depending on the complexity of your situation, and your preference. Read more about Lactation Support.


Massage treatments can be very beneficial for managing stress and anxiety, reducing muscle tension, and supporting your body through the unique changes that are happening throughout pregnancy and the postpartum period. Come and enjoy a relaxing, pampering, soothing massage, lying on our special Pregnancy Table. It’s such a relief to be able to lie on your tummy, even for a short while! Of course, the options of lying on your side or your back are also available. Our Registered Massage Therapists, Amanda Kihn, and Roxoliana Prus, have a special interest in pregnancy and the postpartum. They love treating and supporting new families. Read more about Massage. 

Sleep Consultations

Some families value experienced support when working on teaching their child to sleep well (however they define the term). Eva Bild, our Sleep Consultant will meet with you to design a customized sleep plan for your child and your whole family.  All our sleep consults are on-line, over Zoom, right now. Read more about Sleep Consultations.

Therapeutic Counselling

Therapeutic counselling during pregnancy and the postpartum period can help parents adjust to the dramatic changes that come with parenthood. Theresa Gulliver, our Therapeutic Counsellor, will offer a safe and supportive space in which to explore and come to terms with these changes. Theresa can see you in-person or online, over Zoom.  Read more about Counselling.

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