20210409 102221 20210409 102250 We all need something to cheer us up! So we thought we would invite you all to colour with us. Colour a beautiful page,and send it in or drop it off at the store.

We will post the real pages in the store and the virtual pages virtually. Everyone who submits a page gets their name put in a draw for this beautiful gift basket (well, it's not basket exactly - it's a step stool turned upside down!) full of pretty and useful things for a new family.


We found some colouring pages for you to download. But you can do anything you like! Find a pattern you love. Draw your own picture!

We imagined parents stuck at home with their babies might be the people most likely to participate. But anyone of any age and ability is welcome!

Drop your entries off at Mothering Touch,

or send them to colouring @ motheringtouch.ca.

Include your name and email address so that we can put you in the draw,

and tell us if we can share your entry on social media!

Deadline? May 7!
(So we can draw for the prize in time for Mothers’ Day on May 9.)

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