Parenting The Newborn (including First Aid)

The Parenting the Newborn class put my partner and me on the same page about how we were going to take care of our baby. Now our little Olivia has arrived, we are using so many of the tips and tricks Eva taught us. Thank you!

Many parents feel that they want MORE information on baby care and breastfeeding than we can fit into our childbirth preparation courses. So we also offer a Parenting The Newborn course, taught by experienced childbirth and breastfeeding educators and postpartum doulas, to help parents-to-be feel confident in caring for their new babies.

We approach the issue of baby care from the perspective of the baby. What does this little mammal need from us? How can we meet those needs? How can we enjoy our baby and develop a connection? We look in depth at breastfeeding and what we can do to facilitate good practices from the very beginning. And we learn how to keep our babies safe.

Topics covered include:

Baby Care

  • crying and comforting
  • sleeping arrangements
  • diapering
  • bathing
  • baby wearing

Breastfeeding beyond the first weeks

  • the stages of breastfeeding
  • normal breastfed-baby behaviour
  • challenges, how to avoid them and overcome them
  • pumping and saving breastmilk

Infant First Aid

  • infant choking procedures
  • infant CPR
  • infant seizures
  • poisoning
  • allergic reactions
  • prevention of childhood related injuries

Registration Information

Schedule:  Courses are three consecutive weeks, usually three evenings from 7pm to 9pm. Due to demand and added classes some class times may differ.

Location:  The Mothering Touch Centre

Fee:  $150 (+GST) for two co-parents.

If you are parenting your baby alone, please feel free to bring along an adult who will be supporting you in the first few months. If your baby is going to have more than two parents, please call us. We can make arrangement for the whole family to attend.

Which date to choose?  It is best to register for a class that begins after your 28th week of pregnancy and ends before your 38th week.  You should register for your prenatal class as soon as possible as dates fill up quickly.  If you have any difficulties selecting a class that fits with your dates, please contact us.

Register for this class at the same time as your Childbirth Preparation Class for a $20 discount.  Use the Coupon Code "parenting" to claim the discount. 

Upcoming Dates:

Thu Apr 9 - Apr 23, 2020
Mon Apr 20 - May 4, 2020
Thu Apr 30 - May 14, 2020
Thu May 21 - Jun 4, 2020
Mon May 25 - June 8, 2020
Thu Jun 11 - Jun 25, 2020
Mon June 22 - Jul 6, 2020
Thu Jul 2 - Jul 16, 2020
Mon Jul 13 - Jul 27, 2020
Thu Jul 23 - Aug 6, 2020
Thu Aug 13 - Aug 27, 2020
Mon Aug 17 - Aug 31, 2020
Thu Sep 3 - Sep 17, 2020
Mon Sep 14 - Sep 28, 2020
Thu Sep 24 - Oct 8, 2020
Thu Oct 15 - Oct 29, 2020
Mon Oct 19 - Nov 2, 2020
Thu Nov 5 - Nov 19, 2020
Mon Nov 16 - Nov 30, 2020
Thu Nov 26 - Dec 10, 2020



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