Babies and Dogs

"How will our canine baby get along with our human baby? How can we keep them both safe and feeling loved?"

The Babies & Dogs workshop is designed to help dog owners and parents (or parent-to-be's) set their dogs and their children up for success.
Dogs and babies (and kids) can have wonderful and safe relationships as long as there are rules that the dog has learned to follow, clear communication, mutual respect, understanding of the dog's needs and the knowledge of what to be watching for so as to avoid a catastrophe.
In two hours you will learn what you need to be working on proactively to set everyone up for success as well as what you need to know and do, once your baby is at home so that everyone can live in harmony.
  • Dog psychology
  • Canine body language
  • Important safety topics
  • How to be sure your dog won't pull on the leash when you are walking with your baby in your arms
  • How to teach your dog to deal politely with visitors once your baby is home
  • How to be sure they don't eat the treats on the table or the baby toys that are scattered on the floor
  • Most importantly, how to proactively make sure that your dog won't ever hurt your baby in the future

babies and dogs

The Instructor

 This workshop will be led by local dog trainer Aviva Shtull.  Aviva is the owner of BabyDog, a local dog training company that runs socialization and obedience programs for dogs of all ages.  Aviva has been a professional dog trainer for the past five years, and prior to that was a dog walker, dog sitter and has been a volunteer dog foster mom for over 40 dogs herself. 


Aviva is also a mother and aunt.  She has learned from experience with her own dogs as well as her foster dogs how to have them safely around her own daughter, nephews and nieces.  Not only does she have her own first-hand experience about integrating babies, kids and dogs into a home together, she also has the professional experience of helping many of her clients do the same. 

Registration Information:

Schedule:  Sunday from 12:15 - 2:15
We schedule one every quarter.

Location:  The Mothering Touch Centre

Fee:  $35 per family

We recommend that all the dog's adult humans attend so that everyone in the home is consistent and is on the same page with what needs to happen. Dogs are not allowed!

Upcoming Dates:

Sunday August 18, 2019
Sunday October 20, 2019
Sunday November 24, 2019



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