“This was a great class! Each session struck a cord and narrowed down areas where our marriage could use attention. It feels like a great start and this class provided tools to move forwards.”

It is so difficult for new parents to focus on themselves and their relationship after baby arrives! This class will give new parents and parents-to-be time to concentrate on each other and re-connect.  It will examine how having a child (or children) changes a relationship and how partners can stay connected – and loving – through the experience of having a baby.

The course will focus on normal developmental processes in new families.  It will teach practical communication skills and lead parents through exercises to strengthen their bonds as a couple.  A central theme will be identifying values both partners want for their family. The goal is to create a solid, happy and united family.

What we talk about:
Part I : The Baby Project

  • Whose project is it?
  • The effects of mismanaged conflict.
  • How to manage conflict.
  • Family rituals.

Part II : The Family Project

  • Identifying values for your new family.
  • Sex and physical intimacy.
  • Building a nest for your family.

The workshop was designed by a clinical counselor, a family mediator, and a parenting educator. It is taught by Eva Bild and Sarah Nakatsuka who draw on their extensive experience of helping (and being!) new parents through the difficult first years.

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Registration Information

Two Monday evenings, 7-9:30pm

Location:  The Mothering Touch Centre

Fee:  $115 per couple

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