Please Note: In accordance with the provincial regulations, participants in in-person classes will be required to be vaccinated and to wear masks.

Infant and Child First Aid

This course consists of an online, self-paced module (approximately 1 hour), followed by an in-class practical skills component (2 hours), and will prepare you to recognize and treat infant illnesses and injuries, including mild and severe choking, infant CPR, childhood fevers, infant seizures, poisoning, allergic reactions and injury/illness prevention.

Infant First Aid
  • Preparing to Respond
  • Responding to Emergencies
  • Airway Emergencies (Choking)
  • Breathing Emergencies (CPR)
  • Childhood Fevers
  • Infant Seizures
  • Poisoning
  • Allergic Reactions
  • Prevention

The in-class portion will be led by a certified instructor from Alert First-Aid and will provide you with a chance to practice these skills and ask questions.

These are the same topics as are covered in the First Aid component of Parenting The Newborn, but in a stand-alone format. This class may be taken before or after your baby is born, but the class is for adults only. Babies in the class make it difficult to pay attention to the course material.

This is a First aid basics class intended mainly for parents or relatives and does not include a Certificate or CPR Certification.

Registration Information

Schedule:  One evening from 7pm to 9pm (PST)

Location:  Mothering Touch

Fee: $100 for two people, Use code “onefirstaid” for one person

Upcoming Dates:

Tue Oct 19, 2021
Tue Dec 14, 2021

Class Cancellation and Refund Policy

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