In-Person Postnatal Yoga with Babies

Join us for Postnatal Yoga with Babies to discover safe sequences of poses that follow the body’s natural recovery process after childbirth. We explore postures that strengthen your core and help release tension in your neck, shoulders and back which helps support you in your physically demanding job of carrying and feeding your baby.

Postnatal Yoga with Babies include relaxation and discussion.

Depending on the mood of the class and the needs of the babies, your little ones may be included in the poses or just hang out with you while you rejuvenate.

Babies who are not yet mobile are welcome to join in!

In-Person Postnatal Yoga with Babies

Drop-In Details

Wednesdays – 11am-12noon – with Rosy Mann

During these COVID times, we are limiting our classes to 5 participants (and their babies)  per class. You must show proof of vaccination to attend.

The 5 spots in each class will be made available online 24 hours before the class is scheduled. To attend you MUST register and pay online. Once the 5 spots have been sold, there will be no more until next week! If you drop in to Mothering Touch hoping that there is a spot left, you are taking your chances!

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Please bring your own mat and a blanket or large beach towel. Bring a blanket for your baby to lie on. We ask you to wear a mask as your move around the shop, but once you are settled on your yoga mat, you may remove the mask if you wish.

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