Drop-in Yoga for Parents – with mobile babies and toddlers

Yoga for Parents is a class for all you parents who want a yoga class for yourselves. You can bring your mobile babies and your toddlers but you must be sure to bring your sense of humour!

This class is unique. The instructor, Alyssa Klazek, will keep you focussed on your own body and moving through a series of poses, while keeping the kids focussed on playing and leaving you alone. Your children will play and probably climb on you (and maybe each other) and have fun while you enjoy some yoga.

This class is for parents of any gender who are no longer in the postpartum physical recovery and who ready for a more strenuous yoga class than they might find in the Mom & Baby classes.

Be prepared to accept whatever this class may bring - you may manage to have a full yoga practice because your child is happy to sit and play today or you may end up reading a story in between poses! Just like your child, this class is fun and unpredictable!

If you are looking for a yoga class for your Mobile Baby or Toddler please see Yoga for Toddlers!


Yoga for Parents

Drop-In Details

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Our Drop-In Classes are $15 each, or $12 if you buy a punch card of 10 classes. Punch cards never expire, so you can use the classes left over from your pregnancy for parent-baby classes. Punch cards are non-refundable, but fully transferable, so you can gift or sell your left-over classes to someone else if you need to. Do call us if you have any questions about our Punch Card Program.