Drop-in Postnatal Yoga

Six to Fifteen Weeks Postpartum

Restorative Yoga for the Fourth Trimestre

Restorative Yoga for the Fourth Trimester

Friday 12-1pm - Gaby

This postnatal yoga class, for parents who are 6-15 weeks postpartum, is soothing, and nurturing. It will help you come back into your body, and move with awareness as you recover from childbirth. You will stretch and gently re-awaken parts that have become stiff and sore as you hold, and carry, and rock, and feed your baby. Restorative poses and breath work will help to re-energize you. Your little baby is welcome, and can lie along side, or on top of you, participating in some poses, or just napping.

Three to Nine Months Postpartum

Yoga for Strength

Postnatal Yoga for Strength

Wednesday - 10:15-11:15 - Alexandra
Learn about the foundations of asana practice and pranayama while connecting with your own baby and community. Classes will focus on building strength, increasing stamina, reducing fatigue and releasing chronic tension in the spine. This class will always begin with a community check-in which informs some of the focus for the asana practice and is appropriate for new and on-going students. This class will demonstrate safe modifications but will be a guided practice that includes strengthing poses with longer holds and trasitions. Gentle restorative yoga is the recommended prerequisite for this class.


Nine to 15 months

Postnatal Flow Yoga

Postnatal Flow Yoga

Thursday - 11:30-12:30 - Gaby

A dynamic flowing yoga class including some sun salutations, strengthening poses and restorative poses. This more challenging class will get you in shape to keep up with your new toddler.  This class welcomes mobile babies and brand new toddlers.

Twelve months and up...

Yoga DESPITE the toddlers

Yoga DESPITE the Toddlers

Tuesday - 10:15-11:15 - Gaby

A dynamic flowing yoga class including sun salutations, strengthening poses and restorative poses. This class welcomes toddlers and preschoolers to come and play while the adults participate in a Yoga class. The instructor will provide games and activities for the children while also teaching the class.

If you are looking for a yoga class for you toddler, you may want to try Yoga for Toddlers.

Drop-In Details

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Our Drop-In Classes are $15 each, or $13 if you buy a punch card of 10 classes. Punch cards never expire, so you can use the classes left over from your pregnancy for parent-baby classes. Punch cards are non-refundable, but fully transferable, so you can gift or sell your left-over classes to someone else if you need to. Do call us if you have any questions about our Punch Card Program.