Becoming a Dad – A workshop for new and expectant fathers


Becoming a father is a big life transition, truly a rite of passage, for which most of us are not sufficiently prepared! Once it all begins, there is no going back! There are many things to learn and to adjust to in our new role as fathers.

In this dynamic workshop, we will help new and expectant dads get the lay of the land, so that the territory feels more familiar. We will explore some of the main challenges in becoming a new father and co-parent, so that we can clearly identify them as they are emerging. We will also explore a range of helpful strategies for facing some of the main difficulties, and for adjusting and thriving in our new roles as fathers!

This two-hour workshop is led by Dimitri De Morea, a clinical counsellor and a father, whose calling is to help individuals and families navigate the challenges of life and realize greater well-being.

This class discusses themes of fatherhood. If you are looking for a hands-on baby-care class then you could also consider our Parenting the Newborn class.



Registration Information

Schedule: Evenings from 7-9:30pm.

Location:  The Mothering Touch Centre

Fee:  $35 per father

Upcoming Dates:

Thu Sep 28, 2017