Please Note: As of September 2021 both in-person and online formats will be available for registered classes. Please take careful note of which format you are registering for! In accordance with the provincial regulations, participants in in-person classes will be required to be vaccinated and to wear masks.

“We are both shift workers, so we could not commit to a regular class. Our private prenatal class gave us the time to focus on our baby, our birth and each other. Our instructor answered all our questions and was a great support!”

Difficult Schedule?  Special Circumstances?  If you can’t find the right class to suit your needs, let us create a unique experience just for you!

Some expectant parents have special needs with regards to childbirth preparation.  These needs may include a quickly approaching due date, medical concerns that make attending a regular class difficult, or even a challenging schedule leading up to baby’s arrival.  Private prenatal classes allow for added flexibility.

In four hours (two 2-hour sessions) we will cover all the basics from labour to breastfeeding.  Our library of books and videos are also available for parents to view on their own and you will be given the opportunity to join one of our tours of Victoria General Hospital.

All of our Childbirth Preparation classes are designed by trained and experienced childbirth educators who are also doulas and breastfeeding educators.

Topics are presented in a variety of ways, including discussion, hands-on practice, videos and couple work.  During your private session we will tailor our full course outline to suit your needs.  You should plan to attend a private session between your 30th and 38th week of pregnancy, but please register early in your second trimester to ensure we are able to meet your scheduling needs.

Topics covered will include:

  • the stages of labour
  • comfort measures
  • breathing awareness
  • medical interventions
  • pain medications
  • informed consent
  • the new mother and baby
  • breastfeeding

Registration Details

Schedule:  Two 2-hour sessions to suit your family

Location:  online Via Zoom

Fee:  $270 +GST for Mom & her Birth Helper

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Class Cancellation and Refund Policy

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