Childbirth Preparation – Prenatal Classes

Please Note: ALL Registered Classes are being offered ONLINE, via ZOOM, for the duration of the COVID pandemic.

“We wanted to say again how much we enjoyed our Wednesday night classes and really looked forward to them each week. They (and you) were so informative, insightful and helpful. The relaxed setting made us feel like we could ask and talk about anything with you and the group.”

Mothering Touch Childbirth Preparation - Prenatal Classes provide parents with support and information as they make choices about their care during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period.

Mothering Touch Childbirth Educators are Certified Childbirth Educators, Breastfeeding Educators and Doulas. They are trained to provide up-to-date, evidence-based information, in a comfortable, fun and interactive environment.

"To be honest, we were both thinking that 3-hour Zoom classes were going to be kind of a drag, but you did such a great job of making the course material really interesting. You helped both of us feel so much better prepared for the birth, which has helped to ease a lot of the anxiety. "

Whether you are  planning your birth at home or at the hospital, with a midwife, or a doctor, knowing in advance what your options are makes a big difference.  The class includes discussions, practical exercises and videos, as well as handbooks, and links to further resources.

Choose the Right Prenatal Class to meet YOUR needs!

ALL Registered Classes are being offered ONLINE, via ZOOM, for the duration of the COVID pandemic.

1 - Group or Private Session?

Private Session:  If scheduled group sessions are not be ideal, you might prefer a private session. Private Childbirth Preparation

Group Sessions:  For our group sessions (our most popular option) proceed to Step 2.

2 - Is this your first child?

No:  Our prenatal refresher is just for you.   Having a Baby Again

You might want to consider registering your older child or children for our class for Big Sisters and Brothers!   Sibling Class

Yes:  If this is your first child, proceed to Step 3.

3 - What Model of Care have you chosen?

Have you chosen Midwifery Care? Our Classes for Midwives' Clients are designed for you!   Childbirth Preparation for Midwives' Clients

Have you chosen a Doctor's Care? Our Classes for Doctors' Patients are designed for you!   Childbirth Preparation for Doctors' Patients

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