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To our Valued Childbirth Class Participants

Dear Parents-to-be

Welcome to the brave new world of online childbirth and parenting classes! The Mothering Touch childbirth educators and I have been working very hard to create new materials and effective activities which work with this new platform. And we are continuing to provide evidence-based, up-to-date, locally informed, interactive, live, personal (and fun!) classes.

While we would SO much rather be sitting in the room with you (which is absolutely NOT an option anymore), we are finding that we can have a good give-and-take and discussion online. Parents are getting their concerns addressed and their questions answered.

One mother-to-be who took our classes recently said: “My partner and I have very much enjoyed both of the online classes we’ve been taking at Mothering Touch. We’re about to be first-time parents, and feel so much better having some down-to-earth discussion and hands-on practice lead by the Mothering Touch teachers. I’d recommend these classes for all new parents for sure!” We have been getting excellent feedback and most parents are very grateful to be offered this online option.

Some parents, however, have been wanting to cancel. They say this online situation is not what they signed up for (fair!) and they are wanting refunds. I absolutely sympathize with these requests, and I know many are coming from a situation in which money is tight because of lay-offs. So we are still honouring our Class Cancellation Policy.

However, I beg you to consider that, as a small, family-owned business, we will not be able to continue to function if everyone asks for a refund. As it is, we operate on a very tight budget, and this quarantine situation is affecting us very deeply, as it is affecting all the other small local businesses that make Victoria such a vibrant, livable city.

I ask you to reflect on the fact that your baby is still going to be born, that the amount of support you are going to have in labour may be less that you expected, and that you are still in need of good, locally-informed preparation for childbirth. Mothering Touch is here for you, as it has been for over 16 years. We want to help. Help us to help you.

If you are truly unable to afford childbirth classes at this moment, our Bursary Fund is still available. All you need to do is contact us by phone to discuss your financial situation. And if you are in a position to help, you can Pay-It-Forward here.

If you want to try Zoom out, so that you have a sense of how it works, join me for our daily Parents-and-Babies Zoom chat from 1-2pm. Pregnant parents are welcome too! All questions are valid, all input is valued.

I wish you all health, and patience, and good humour as we go through these challenging times. I am full of hope that we will emerge into the sun this summer, having defeated this virus through cooperation and mutual support.

Wishing you all good things,

~ Eva