It’s a happy place and serves the community

I love Mothering Touch because it has a great pregnancy happy hour which I really enjoy. I find the advice and support I receive from the facilitator is excellent and almost like having another mother. The activities are all reasonably priced so everyone can afford them which I believe is ethical and they have a lending library and a lovely selection of stock which is beautiful in their store. It’s a happy place and serves the community. Thank you so much and I tell all my friends about it.

You are doing amazing things!

You are doing amazing things by providing support in the various ways you do at your place of business. Mothering touch is so much more than a baby store. It’s been a haven during times of insecurity and isolation while embarking on the project of parenting little people. It’s such a big job, being a parent, so thank you for all you do and the ongoing, continuous support you show to moms and dads.

A welcoming “lily pad”

Charlie and I want to say how much we have appreciated your care, smiles, advice and awesomeness over the past year. Mothering Touch is the very best and most welcoming ‘lily pad’ and it meant so much to have a safe and supportive place to come and hang out. I really miss not being able to pop in now that I’m back to work.