…you did such a great job of making the course material really interesting

I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your class. To be honest, we were both thinking that 3-hour Zoom classes were going to be kind of a drag, but you did such a great job of making the course material really interesting. You helped both of us feel so much better prepared for the birth, which has helped to ease a lot of the anxiety.

A fantastic course!

We just wanted to thank you (so much) for running such a fantastic course! … oh my goodness, we are so glad that we joined you! We came away with such valuable information, but maybe even more importantly, we just loved the way Danielle delivered the material – super inclusive, open to all kinds of questions, and really easy to follow. She’s a natural teacher!

Thank you for your endless care for all things baby!

I was a student in your Grandparenting class at Mothering Touch a few
weeks ago. Thank you for your humour, thank you for your guidance,
thank you for your endless care for all things baby! My daughter
now has a beautiful baby, my first grandchild, and I’m
so thankful for your support!   ~Sandra

…helped us get though all of the surprise twists and turns.

“I really want to thank you for teaching us about having a birth plan and being open and ready for change.  Our plan went from a natural water birth at home to finding out baby had flipped into a frank breach position at 38 weeks then going into labour on Christmas Eve and having to have an emergency C-section.  I guess we got all of our cards flipped except the most important one, Healthy Baby!” Having that plan and knowing what was most important really helped us get though all of the surprise twists and turns.”

Looked forward to the classes each week

“We wanted to say again how much we enjoyed our Wednesday night classes and really looked forward to them each week.  They (and you) were so informative, insightful and helpful.  The relaxed setting made us feel like we could ask and talk about anything with you and the group.”

…you put a lot of our concerns at ease.

“We thoroughly enjoyed your classes.  They were very informative and you put a lot of our concerns at ease 😉  I will definitely keep referring my clients to your business and am happy to be able to tell them that I have experienced what you have to offer 1st hand.”

This has brought us together…

“Eva, I think we’re making great progress! A. is going down for bed in under 10 min now… Her naps have lengthened a lot too. She’s even eating better! This has brought us together as parents and as a family! So far it’s been a great experience with amazing results. We’re excited to keep going and see where it gets us.” ~

…we now have our baby girl!

“After a long healthy labour and delivery we now have our baby girl!  We used every bit of information you gave us to make it through that labour.  Thank you so much for teaching that class; it made me knowledgeable enough to really help Justine get through those contractions. Thank you.”

“the teamwork frame of mind”

Your class was a huge help for the preparation of the birth. John had the hip squeezes down so well! And has been such a huge support. The class really got us into the teamwork frame of mind.

The Go-To Place

Mothering Touch is the go-to place for new and expectant parents. I have logged MANY MANY hours there; I enjoyed their Pregnancy Happy Hour before my daughter was born, my husband and I had our prenatal classes with them and my daughter and I went to weeks and weeks (and months) of moms and babe groups…

Peace of Mind

Thank you for the amazing prenatal class and hospital tour. I was really pleased with the content and the manner in which it was delivered. Shona is amazing. Sarah-Jane did a really nice job of our hospital tour on Monday night. Your staff are so knowledgeable, friendly, compassionate and caring. I feel confident that I have what I need to know to make decisions around the delivery of my baby. Thank you so much for this peace of mind.

Sibling Preparation Class

Thank you for offering the Sibling Preparation Class. We took our two boys and it made a big difference to their understanding of what to expect. After baby arrived my 5 year old said “we should go back to big brother class to show them we have our baby now.