When I was pregnant with Simon, 20 years ago in Edinburgh, there was a rumour that if your waters broke in Marks and Spencer’s they would give you a gift certificate.  I spent some time loitering hopefully among the baby clothes and nursing bras, but my membranes remained staunchly un-ruptured.

splashOn Monday, Marnie and Liam were attending the last class of their Childbirth Preparation Series.  At the break, Marnie told the other participants in the class that she was feeling crampy and uncomfortable.  About 10 minutes before the end of the class, Laura, their teacher, noticed that Marnie was getting restless.  Marnie got up and got a birth ball to sit on and as she was about to sit down she leaned forward and looked very focused!  Laura said, "You look as if you just had a big contraction." – "Yes," said Marnie, "and I think my waters just broke!"  Laura asked her if she would like some help getting to the washroom, and Marnie looked at the door and said, "No, I think my car is closer, I want to go home."

On the way home, Marnie and Liam called their midwiife who suggested they go to bed and try to get some rest.  But the baby had other ideas.  By the time the midwife arrived at their house an hour and a half later, Marnie was pushing.  Little Satoshi Keith made a hurried and very surprising entry into the world!

Marnie is the first mother whose membranes have ruptured at Mothering Touch.  We were all so excited by this event, that I decided we should implement the Marks and Spencer’s tradition here, in Victoria." So from now on, if your membranes rupture at Mothering Touch, we will give you a $20 gift certificate to celebrate!

Congratulations to Marnie and Liam for being the first winners of the SPLASH Prize (Special Prize for the Liberation of Amniotic fluid and Subsequent Happiness)!

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