shoplocalI am excited about the new initiative of the Downtown Victoria Business Association (DVBA).  They are launching a campaign today to encourage Victorians and visitors to our fair city to Shop Local!

Their pretty website gives "Seven Reasons to Shop Local" – so I wrote Seven Reasons to Shop Local at Mothering Touch

  1. Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is:  Support the new parents and babies in your community.  Show that you care for the future of your town.

  2. What Goes Around Comes Around:  At any given time, The Mothering Touch Centre employs over 20 women in full-time and part-time jobs that allow them to spend time with their families.

  3. Community Sustainability:  Mothering Touch is a parent education and support centre right in our downtown core.  A large number of the parents who use our resources live within walking distance and come to us on foot.  Other parents, who live further away, are drawn downtown by our classes and services and stay to shop and eat and hangout with their new-parent-friends.

  4. Keep our Community Unique:  Mothering Touch is the only store like it in BC!  The only centre where parents can get support and classes and services and equipment and supplies from pregnancy, through childbirth and breastfeeding, the early weeks and months with baby and all the way to toddlerhood!

  5. Create Collective Prosperity:  Mothering Touch runs parent-focussed special events such as Mother-Fest, Cloth Diaper Workshops, Family Financial Planning Workshops and Film screenings which attract new parents downtown.

  6. Local Owners Care about Victoria:  We love this city and love participating in its business and cultural life.

  7. Give Back and Take Care:  Mothering Touch donates regularly to local charities and organizations, including Jeneece Place, Breastfeeding Matters, Success by Six, Leadership Victoria and the Young Parents Support Network.

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