We’re thrilled to now offer one of the newest trends in prenatal and postnatal exercise at The Mothering Touch Centre – Prenatal/Postnatal Dance!

danceCombining dance forms such as Belly dancing, African and Latin dancing, the classes offer a fun, exhilarating, low-impact workout to help ease pain and discomfort during pregnancy as well as help prepare mentally and physically for childbirth.

Prenatal/postpartum classes teach low-impact movements and tools specially designed for women in any stage of pregnancy or for postpartum women wearing their babies in slings, or wraps.  With movements inspired by ancient dance forms like Belly dance and African dance, the weekly classes, which combine dance and fitness with essential childbirth preparation skills such as optimal fetal positioning.  Prenatal dance classes are the wave of the future for moms looking to stay active, have some fun and learn a few coping techniques along the way.  Women often come to class for fun and fitness, and find that they gain more than they expected to.

By practicing traditional moves from various cultures, women will increase awareness of the baby/body connection, and the mind and body will feel more at ease as pregnancy and then labor progresses.  Dancing aids in the flexibility of the pelvis and encourages the baby to move into optimum alignment for labor and birth.  Classes will prepare moms-to-be by strengthening and preparing their bodies for childbirth and postpartum recovery, with added bonus of celebrating pregnancy, motherhood and friendship among women.

This class is a great way to connect with other women and mothers-to-be, and learn how movement and posture can enrich, and guide you through your pregnancy, labor, and postpartum recovery.  Practicing daily at home is encouraged and each week you will go home with new moves and tools for a more satisfying, rewarding birth experience:

  • Learn some great coping techniques for helping ease difficulty during labor

  • Learn how to help position baby into an optimal position for a smoother, more satisfying birth

  • Learn how to let go, relax and prepare your body and mind for childbirth

  • Have fun with a low-impact work out, and connect with other pregnant mamas

What women are saying about prenatal dance classes:

“Thank you again for the class.  I was re-inspired to hold the values I find important close to my baby’s heart.  Thanks for helping me tap into that power!”  – Beth, New Mom

“Great workout, helps you forget about any discomfort in pregnancy when you just focus on the music, and feel the music.”  – Chrystal, Expectant Mom

“Class was very enjoyable – great to get moving, also good ideas for labor – I’m looking forward to putting it into practice.  Thank you!”  – Jessica, Expectant Mom

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