pregtestWow!  You’re pregnant!  How exciting!  How wonderful!  How miraculous!  How terrifying!

It’s all you can think about.  It’s all you want to talk about.  But most people’s eyes glaze over when you list the symptoms of your morning-sickness-which-lasts-all-day.  No one else is quite as interested in when you due date really is.

How do you go about finding a doctor or a midwife?  Where is the best Prenatal Yoga Class?  Can you exercise while you are pregnant?  What about prenatal / childbirth preparation classes – when should you register for them?

Your partner and your friends and your mother are doing their best, but really you need to chat with some other pregnant women.

Where do you find a group of pregnant women to talk to?  We always have newly pregnant women here, daydreaming over the baby booties and asking shy questions about what books they should be reading – so we decided to run a group just for pregnant Moms!

Pregnancy Happy Hour runs every Friday afternoon from 5-6:30pm (so it’s actually Pregnancy Happy Hour.. and a half!).  The format is just like our Drop-In Baby Groups – we sit around and everyone gets a chance to talk about how she is feeling this week.  A friendly childbirth educator facilitates the group.  All pregnant women are welcome, regardless of their age or the stage of their pregnancy.  The cost is just a Twoonie.

It’s amazing how hearing other people’s worries and questions makes you feel so much better about your own.  You realize you’re not alone.  Pregnancy and early parenthood are a time when we make strong connections with other new parents.  So come and join us for Pregnancy Happy Hour and start making new friends to support you through this journey.

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