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New Class – Motherhood Circle

NewBabyGroup_9754Becoming a mother is one of the biggest transitions a woman can go through. There are many ups and downs, challenges and rewards.

Starting in September there is a new registered program discussing this transition. Motherhood Circle is a group for women who want to explore some of the big common themes for new mothers in a nurturing environment. Each session will cover new information and discussion on topics related to motherhood. Topics may include changing identity, mommy brain, sexuality, intimacy, body-image, and changing relationships.

This group is open to all mothers. Babes in arms are welcome. Each registration period runs for three months, meeting every two weeks, and includes 6 sessions. It is designed so that women can register for more than one consecutive offering, thus strengthening connections within the group.

Joss Hurtig-MitchellThe group is developed and facilitated by Joss Hurtig-Mitchell, clinical counsellor. Joss has many years of experience facilitating groups and working with mothers. She creates a safe and uplifting atmosphere for women to reflect, share, and connect.

The first group in September can choose to try the first of the 6-class series without commitment and register and pay the course fee of $66 after the first class.

Sessions start September 8, 2014, December 1, 2014 and March 2, 2015.

Contact us for more information or click here to pay and reserve your spot!