Free Interactive Workshop by Therapeutic Counsellor: Theresa Gulliver

Motherhood is a challenging life transition.
It is nearly impossible to prepare for how much it changes your entire life.

Do you ever feel like you love your child(ren) but you hate your life right now?

You are not alone!
Yes, it will change

But, what do you do in the meantime?

In this 60 min interactive workshop, Theresa Gulliver, Mother, Step Mother and Registered Therapeutic Counsellor, shares useful information and effective tools to help you find your joy as a mother.


Because, you deserve it!

When your well being is a priority your entire family benefits.
Find more peace with the challenges that are beyond your control & feel empowered to start making a shift where you can.

Your relationship to your challenges can be your greatest motivator.

Theresa’s goal is for you to seize every opportunity to heal and grow and be the best mother you can be – for yourself and for your family!

Sunday, April 8 from 6pm to 7pm.

Call Mothering Touch at 250-595-4905 to register for this free workshop. Or register online.

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