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My name is Teegan, and I have the pleasure of extolling the virtues of cloth diapering in the Cloth Diaper Workshop at Mothering Touch. As a mother of 3, all of whom were cloth diapered, it brings me joy when I can help other parents make the decision to use cloth diapers. While there are many things – both big and little – that I get out of it. Here are my top 5!

1) Meeting Expectant Parents

 While running this workshop, I get the opportunity to meet many new or expectant parents. As I don’t work within the birthing community, this is my chance to help influence people’s decisions during a time of great change. The workshop allows me to make it easier for parents to make the decision to use cloth diaper. I can lean on my experience of cloth diapering my 3 children and be a positive contributor to their new life.

2) Try Before You Buy

Mothering Touch has a variety of different types of cloth diapers, from pre-folds to all-in-ones. The workshop lets me demonstrate each style of cloth diaper, and more importantly, gives the parents a chance to touch and use the different options. This test drive helps people to see just how versatile and easy to use the cloth diapers are! This is especially valuable for those parents who are a little more resistant to using cloth diapers.

3) The Green Component (and not the newborn poop kind…)

Cloth diapering is a great way to lessen our impact on the environment. At Mothering Touch we talk about this all day long! The beauty of the workshop is that it allows me dedicate time to highlight how to mitigate environmental impacts, and which products are best suited to the parent’s intentions. I especially like it when parents come back after the workshop to get opinions on which diapers, creams or liners are best for those of a green persuasion. 

4) De-mystification – Cleaning Style

In my experience, the most common obstacle for any parent to pursue the use of cloth diapers is cleaning them. In the workshop I try to take the mystery out of the equation. Poo is an inevitability, regardless of disposable or cloth use. Simply by talking about how we all get poo on our hands, despite our best efforts, regardless of diaper style, helps to remove the trepidation of cloth diaper use. You will have heard of the “Poosplosion” (and if you haven’t, you soon will); cloth diapers are much more effective at reducing the likelihood of a blow-out. And if you think about it, isn’t it better to wash something designated as a poo trap, rather than the onesie? At any rate, painting the poo picture is really a highlight of the Cloth Diaper Workshop.

5) That Cloth Diaper Life

One of the best things I get out of doing the workshop are returning parents who have taken it and are now using cloth diapers. It fills me with pride and satisfaction to know that I was able to help these parents make an educated decision to use cloth diapers. I truly enjoy allowing parents to feel confident in their choice to cloth diaper. And let’s face it, what’s cuter than a tiny human with a giant diaper? I mean, c’mon!

Cloth diapering your baby can be a challenging decision, but it can also be an easy one. My goal with the workshop is to make sure that everyone who attends, leaves with a better understanding of cloth diapers, how easy they are to use, and that this isn’t really that big a decision after all….

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