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Well, of course they are not. Babies will come out whether or not their parents are prepared. But in the midst of a pandemic, when a state of emergency has been declared and the cities are shutting down, when hospitals are restricting access to support people in labour and postpartum units, it becomes even more important for your birth helper (who may also be your life partner) to be well prepared to support you.

At Mothering Touch, our childbirth and parenting educators are devoted to providing you with the information and practice and support that you need to feel confident going into labour. We want to train every birth helper to be the very best support that they can be. We want the two of you to feel like a team, who can take labour on and make it a good, life-affirming experience for your new little family.

We are streaming all our our classes on Zoom. Although there are many on-line options for childbirth preparation, in the midst of this emergency it is as important as ever to get information about local resource and practices. Taking an on-line class that was recorded in Tallahassee (nothing against Florida!), won’t serve your purposes as much as a live, interactive class would, given by local childbirth teachers who have worked and supported parents in the very hospital where you are going to give birth!

We are in touch with the hospital administration who are keeping us informed of changes that may occur with regards to who is allowed in the hospital, and what services are available.  You can read the letter the Hospital sent out about this here. Our teachers will continue to pass on up-to-date information in our on-line classes, and to take you through information about the layout of the facilities (which we used to cover in hospital tours.)

We started out the week offering the option of coming in-person or streaming the class on the Zoom platform , because we believe strongly in people’s right to make their own decisions about their care. However, as the week has progressed, it seems clear that we must ask everyone to use the online streaming, and not to come in to the store for classes.

Do reach out and contact us by email or phone if you have any questions about classes. We want to help!

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