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Chef Laura to Visit Pregnancy Happy Hour – January 24 – 5pm

Chef Laura MooreNothing focuses our attention on nutrition quite like being pregnant: we now have the growth and development of another brand new human being to think about, not just our own health! Join whole food personal chef and caterer, Chef Laura Moore of the Good For You Gourmet, for a 20 minute presentation on Whole Foods Nutrition and Snack Ideas for Pregnant Moms. A mother herself to a thriving, home-birthed 8 year old boy, Chef Laura will cover:

1) Maximize Nutrition during different stages of pregnancy: now more than ever, the nutrition that we take in and absorb is important for the development of our baby. Yet there are times when nausea makes eating difficult: hear some fresh ideas for how to cope. Make a point of picking highly nutritious foods, with the best possible nutrient density.

2) Non-nauseating Snack Ideas that offer maximum nutrition: minimize strong flavoured and greasy foods such as onions, garlic, sausage, fish especially salmon, possibly cruciferous vegetables, fermented foods and stinky cheeses. Everyone is unique: these are guidelines. See ‘Simple Snacks’ list, plus snack platter.

3) Coping With Cravings: what can we do instead of reaching for the nitrate loaded pepperoni when we are craving protein? great ideas for healthy options presented, using Macrobiotic balance chart as a guideline.

In addition to trying out some great snacks in class, participants will receive a handout ‘5 Great Snack Tips for Pregnant Moms’ together with ‘Simple Snacks’ to take home with them.

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