Sleep Progress

“Eva, I think we’re making great progress! A. is going down for bed in under 10 min now… Her naps have lengthened a lot too. She’s even eating better! This has brought us together as parents and as a family! So far it’s been a great experience with amazing results. We’re excited to keep going…

Classes Enjoyed!

"We thoroughly enjoyed your classes.  They were very informative and you put a lot of our concerns at ease 😉  I will definitely keep referring my clients to your business and am happy to be able to tell them that I have experienced what you have to offer 1st hand." ~ Priscilla

Childbirth Preparation

"We wanted to say again how much we enjoyed our Wednesday night classes and really looked forward to them each week.  They (and you) were so informative, insightful and helpful.  The relaxed setting made us feel like we could ask and talk about anything with you and the group." ~ Caley & Sean

Knowing What’s Important

"I really want to thank you for teaching us about having a birth plan and being open and ready for change.  Our plan went from a natural water birth at home to finding out baby had flipped into a frank breach position at 38 weeks then going into labour on Christmas Eve and having to…

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