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Breastfeeding Challenge!!


Well, this year, one of my long-time dreams is coming true! The Quintessence Global Breastfeeding Challenge is taking place at the Mayfair Mall!

I worked on the organization of the Victoria site of the Quintessence Breastfeeding Challenge every year from 2001 to 2006 and each yar I would go around to the shopping malls and ask if they would host the event. Each year they would look at me with the same puzzled expression. Well, to be sure, my request was not a usual one. The Breastfeeding Challenge is an event to raise awareness of breastfeeding and to welcome and celebrate breastfeeding mothers and families. It involves gathering as many breastfeeding mothers and babies as possible into one place, and then getting all to latch-on at the same time – so that all over BC, moms and babies are latching on a participating in this event together. And all over the world (in 2014 there were 195 sites in 10 countries) moms and babies latched on at 11am local time on the first Saturday in October.

The first year Breastfeeding Matters hosted the Challenge, we did it in a high school gym. We got some media attention, but we felt hidden away. I so wanted the event to take place in public, where the visibility would be greater. But in 2002, none of the shopping malls would host us – they said we were not their “target market.” I wondered, if young women and families are not the target of shopping malls, who is? For a few years, we ran the event at the moss street Market, and then in Centennial Square. That was more visible and more public, but damp and foggy in the morning of the first Saturday of October. So we went back inside and ran the event at Silver City in a movie theater for a couple of years.

In recent years, the event has been de-centralized and run by the local libraries. And last year, we did it in an empty store-front at Uptown Mall. But this year!

This year, we are in the Centre Court of Mayfair Mall! I am so happy! And I invite all the breastfeeding mother and families and all the friends and supporters of breastfeeding to join us there on Saturday October 4 for Story Time at 10:30am and then for the Big Latch-On at 11am. See you there!